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Just another day in paradise

Aug 15, 2021

Luau Birthday Party : A Trifecta

This birthday party was sort of a last minute decision, but it turned out so cute! There were 3 guests of honor, lots of babies and puppies, and lots of love. The venue was the backyard of one of the guests of honor- and it was perfect! Lots of fresh flowers blooming and the sky stayed clear for the party. The theme was “Luau.” I think after 2020 we all deserve a little bit of paradise, even in our backyards. I think even the puppies had a fabulous time. Book with us for your next Luau :)

Until the next event – A Ginger Life Events, Torrie

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1 Comment

This was a very nice, quick setup. The decorations were beautiful and everyone had a great time.i think all of the pups were worn out! The weather stayed great and the whole event was very relaxing. Thank You 👍🎉

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